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“I've been working with Tom for 2 years on check fraud
prevention system (CFPS). I've a technical background in technology and computer science; so the project was my field.  What always amazed me when working with Tom -- is how he can handle really critical situations.  He has a degree in business, but I would praise him as a free, inventive mind, able to solve complex technical problems.”
Emir Shabashvile,
Network Manager at Miami-Dade County
"Tom Chapman headed the institutional sales development initiatives at Global Partners as Executive Vice President. Tom is a very loyal,
dedicated, smart, hardworking, fast learner, and extremely HONORABLE. I would recommend him without reservations."
Salomon Konig, Partner,
Global Partners Group


Career Summary
Level 5 leader with personal integrity and a demonstrated background in creating and managing companies during periods of growth. Strong business acumen in administration, strategic planning, product development, sales and marketing, operations, technology and developing strong business models. Management style includes the ability to motivate and inspire, strong organizational skills, detail-oriented and diligent.

Recognized industries of expertise include Security Technologies, Advanced Internet Technologies, Financial Services, Managed Healthcare Services, Consumer Services, Recruiting Services, Franchising, and Construction