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Independent recommendations from other people are important. Listed below are some of the recommendations you'll find in my profile on Linkedin.com

"Tom is the quintessential entrepreneur who matches words with deeds and is a really good mentor.
His depth of knowledge in many fields including managed healthcare, e-commerce and the banking industry to name a few is enormous. He is extremely detail and research oriented. I worked with him for over 5 years and consider myself fortunate to have worked with him."
Ashok Rajan,
President, Lister Digital

"Tom is one of the most creative, savvy and serial entrepreneurs in the market.
I first met Tom when he was expanding his headquarters' and adding 600 people and accomplished in 4 weeks what it would normally take 8-10 weeks. Tom has started and sold several companies, holds an innovative patent for document security and has a high level of integrity. He is an awesome person to work with."
Rex Miller, Author of The Healthy Workplace Nudge, Speaker and Consultant

The answer is clear. You need to identify the highest quality people and make them a part of your team. The best offence is by building a great defense. The most capable executives you can find who can help you to make the best decisions no matter what comes.

Proverbs says, "Where there is no guidance they fail, but in the abundance of counselors there is victory". People are not your most important asset, the right people are.  You need quality not quantity.  Adding talent to your team can greatly increase the chances of your success while not doing so can be very expensive in lost opportunities.  The best CEO's know the importance of finding and adding strong people to their team and making good decisions on a consistent basis.

However no decision, no matter how big, is more than a fraction of the total outcome.  Yes, some are bigger than others, but it is the collective decision making over time and the execution of those decisions that will determine your success or failure in business.
As CEO, whether you’re an entrepreneur or intrapreneur, you must accept all responsibility for the decisions and the outcomes, no excuses.  You are the leader, coach, organizer, innovator, politician, financier, delegator, integrator, priortizer and talent hunter. 

If I can be of help to you in any way, please feel free to send me an email. I will do my best to understand what you are trying to accomplish. I am glad to share my thoughts, opinions and convictions with my fellow entrepreneurs and executives.

Finally, life is short! Be the best that you can be in spite of the adversities we all have in business and in life.