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"Tom is an executive with an exceptional knowledge base and integrity. His ability to drill-down to what is
really important in both business and marketing would be a strategic edge for any company."
Mitch Ackles, Principle, 
Hedge Fund PR

"Tom and I have become friends, but that aside, he has a great analytical mind, which combined with
his experience always provides a fresh perspective on any topic. I enjoy and value working with Tom.”
Eric Schummer,
CEO, Open Barry, Inc.



What is your company's "unique value proposition?" Every person who works for your organization should be able to clearly communicate your value proposition to anyone at anytime. In other words, this is who we are, this is what we do, and this is why you should do business with us. If you don't have organizational clarity, both internally and externally, then it will be difficult to grow your client base and build a successful company. This is only one of many important subjects where I can help you.

Here is my value proposition
1.   Integrity - based on a core set of principles
2.   Add to your brain trust - strategies, solutions, decisions 
3.   Objectivity - customer mindset, no inside bias or self interest, no political agenda
4.   Experience - no substitute for it
5.   Expertise - across different industries and all business areas
6.   Skill-set - people skills, management skills, technical skills, communication skills
7.   Fresh perspective - avoid groupthink
8.   Access to resources - large network of contacts
9.   Technologist - critically important, sometimes complex and vital to any business
10.  Passionate - to succeed